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Persist to Resist the Kiss

Concubines complain

can’t have the fifteen minutes of fame,

before you start comparing,

trying to shame the name.

The world is so big,

The world is so wide,

There is room for everyone;

choose to ride the wave or the tide.

It’s the Judas kiss

It’s the Judas kiss

that keep calling your name

so hard for you to resist.

Traveling over the by-ways,

trying to do it sideways;

no one pays attention

to the struggles, methods or tension.

Some over achievers jump,

go through mini hoops;

others climb mountains

photographing the proofs.

Many trace footprints in the sand,

filling up many blank stare rooms;

wearing hats featured as a pandering man

seeking to spread gossip of perpetual doom.

It’s the Judas kiss,

It’s the Judas kiss,

keep call your name;

you can’t even resist.

Peace is not calling,

delusion is prowling,

look is bleaker for the seeker.

Scrawling faces, taunting stares.

Blasphemic mockers,

screaming and hollering,

pulling at that same old tree;

prostrate it keep falling on me.

It’s the Judas kiss,

It’s the Judas kiss,

still calling your name

as you push to resist.

Proceed up the winding blinding staircase

toward the glowing light is the race;

power that Be has ordained grace

not neglecting to set the pace.

The ground will shake,

mountains dare to quake;

earth shattering winds burst

now parts the planets stakes.

Onward, outward, make no mistake,

on point to the positive push to persist;

Judas kiss dare not continue to exist

as millennium boomers cross boundaries to co-exist.

It’s the Judas kiss

It’s the Judas kiss

make no mistake it’s called life

you must resist!

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