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The spirit of Judas

The spirit of Judas... Iscariots is alive and well seeking a warm body; weak ground to dwell. The death of his body gave way to the spell, Cold and haunting; too cold, so it tells. Roaming the land, seeking to devour; in the heart with envy, secretly not to unveil. Truth be told, money is his lure. Power and prestige is the bate not the cure. In and around the mist of old; unraveling its web around unknowing feet. First it smiles and welcome you in. Acknowledging your godly walk and prim, Secretly wishing it was them. “Yes, come in”, we went, “need you dear.” It is a great and honorable lie, in the face of the wins. Door open, but not wide, Just fast enough to give a side eye. Death by your own hands is your legacy By turning and running from me. Death by the cross was not what you see. My death is victory, my servant, your reprieve. Rise up, called by my name. Move on to the next coast. The spirit in the swine sealed by a generational roast. Judas lost. The coins were tossed. But at what cost? Was the money changers plea. The race was not given to the appearance of strength. It was won by those that had the faith of a mustard seed. Kicking the dust off their feet as they went.

(c) 3/2016 RLE

This poem was revealed to me in a dream . I woke up at 3 am in the morning, not being able to dismiss what I had experienced.. I began writing mostly scribbling so fast as to not lose the ability to transpose these thoughts into words. Being exhausted afterwards, was unable to read it immediately. It would be 5 months before I was able to review it into prospective to understand the revelation that was revealed about circumstances that was taking place since the beginning of 2016. All I can saw if you ask God for revelation He will give you wisdom and understanding. Don't ask if you don;t want to know!

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