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National Library of Poetry Awards & Publications

a. Sept. 29, 1994 - Seasons to Come (Library of Congress ISBN 1-56167-261-0) "FAITH"
b. May 1, 1995 - Beyond the Stars (Library of Congress ISBN 1-56167-273-4) "BOOK OF MYSTERY"
c. March 31, 1997 - The Scenic Route (Library of Congress ISBN 1-57553-406-1) "GOD'S ETERNAL FLOWER"
d. January 27, 2004 - Eternal Portrait (Library of Congress ISBN 0-7950-5227-2) "WHAT IF"


*1997 - Anthology of Inspirational Literature P.A.W. 1st Edition "THANK YOU, LORD"



Published Dramatic Productions(c)


a. "He Still Giveth his Love"  (drama/musical)                      
b. " It. Aint A Long Way Home"                                               
c. "Heaven's Highway"                                                            
d. "Please Change Me. God"                                                 
e. "The Word Speaks"                                                             
f. The Birth of Jesus"                                                            
g. "Take the shackles off my Feet"                                                       
h. "You Should have been There"
I. "Oh, What a Night"...
j. "Reflection on Gospel: Black History"
k. "Do You Really Know who Jesus Is?"
l. "No Room in the Inn"- (puppet presentation)

m. "We cannot see God" - (Puppet presentation)
n. "No Greater Love

o. "Who will fill Our Shoes" - adaptation

p. and many other skits/plays/lyrics/poetic tributes/monologues

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