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"Shack -At- Tack"!


Well it’s been a while since I’ve responded to the current events or flow of the secular or spiritual worldliness. However, all of these headlines about Shack O’Neil has caught my attention. So here goes MY thoughts and MY comments on the subject. MY POINT OF VIEW!

BE REAL! Shack is giving all praises to #45 as the greatest president of all times. All the accolades and praises come from his point of view based on his elite status, financial investments, and future goals for family and legacy. What he is really saying, “Great! I am in that 3% that can benefit from the tax breaks that #45 and his Republican Party is pushing! I can get wealthier, invest more money, increase my retirement portfolio, increase the financial inheritance of my children and live “fat” off the land! No other president as did this for me!”

Shack is in the position to reap like the rest of the wealthy bunch of folks; not based on the color of his skin but the amount of wealth he has accumulated. The “Rest of Them” may not be praising #45 in public like Shack has done but you can bet behind closed doors or in their brokers office they are “high five-ing it”.

STOP LYING! If truth be the witness, you would be saying the same things or doing the same things behind closed doors. Some of you may be responding the same way secretly but outwardly/publicly showing disdain for the wealthy tax breaks. Probably because you do not want others to know you got it like that and will benefit too!

It’s okay! Don’t be alarmed! I ain’t hating on you!! If you got it like that and will benefit JUST SAY SO! Quite acting as if you are not the supporter of this tax break for the wealthy just because of the color of your skin! Get your tax break and be happy for yourself, you made it happen. Persevered and worked hard for the money. JUST STOP LYING!

It Ain’t Easy! Now for the “other” percentage that will not benefit from the changes in the Tax Bill #45 is pushing; straighten up, wipe the “mean mug” off your face and “get to stepping” up your game so you can reap too. Too long it has been, “the other guys fault” you are in this shape financially! I confess, my pushing to invest in other folks passion, instead of securing my own, left me in a lesser financial state then I should be in. Yes, I could have been “living large”! Now what is your reasons….I’ll wait!

No, it is not easy watching, but you do not have to watch “them”! You can do You, and You can pray to the Lord God Almighty, in Jesus name to move on the hearts of the wealthy to invest in the communities where they came from, as well as others. Increase the working population by promoting “real” jobs that pay enough to support a family. Pray that they use the increases as a way to bless the people who are getting “kicked in the butt” by the tax Bill. I could say more but you get “my driff”…#oldschool. No comments seeking. Just saying what I’m saying. Unapologetically speaking my truth as I see it! Stop Lying! Be Real! It Ain’t Easy to live this life if you playing, complaining and hatin

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