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Unapologetically Focused

Fairy tales and princesses really made no sense to me,

but the land that they lived was an enticing getaway to flee.

Unnourished ears listening as a little babe;

to be born was an unwelcomed accident you see,

unwanted and embraced to fail, I’m told, was my destiny.

But I strained to live blindly independent in this world unapologetically!

Abuse is funny to you, jokes to be told as tale at family affairs.

I turn my head and hide my tear pretending to not hear or care.

Oh, the pain and agony to seek something you can only feel deep within your soul

looking around this terrible maze knowing it’s a dream out of your control.

I tried to make the best of it living in my lie,

No, I’m not happy, wish I had courage to die!

Wondering if life is the punchline in a horribly told joke, unapologetically!

Give me away if it eases your pain, lie and say I made it plain.

Move away, leave me a captive of the pirates, to lame my mentality.

No bootstraps to pull up on, given away right after puberty.

Talk on, as I struggle to learn,

Talk on, as I fall on my face, crash and burn,

Talk on, as you spread the word of my disgrace,

Crawling towards Destiny, I will survive against your wiles unapologetically!

On bending knees, I start to rise, reaching now on a star divine.

No longer blind, rising, pulling at purpose, a mission that’s mine.

No pain is felt for once in my life, love is my delight,

Amazed that It doesn’t hurt to go towards the Light.

For once I can say Yes, and not compromise my soul,

For once I can say yes, and not unwillingly be transposed,

For once I can say yes, I feel whole unapologetically!

Oh, so you hide, cause my head is now held high!

Oh, so you hide, cause I’m not tippy toe’ing in my prose,

Side eye shade can no longer cause me to want to die.

I forgave and have forgiven so that is not my lot you see,

Don’t try to hold me captive to guilt-filled moans and cry.

It is your unrepentance that leaves you lame without reprieve.

My destiny is now dependent on the God that parted the Red Sea

His love has missioned and purposed me focused unapologetically!

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