National Library of Poetry Awards & Publications

a. Sept. 29, 1994 - Seasons to Come (Library of Congress ISBN 1-56167-261-0) "FAITH"
b. May 1, 1995 - Beyond the Stars (Library of Congress ISBN 1-56167-273-4) "BOOK OF MYSTERY"
c. March 31, 1997 - The Scenic Route (Library of Congress ISBN 1-57553-406-1) "GOD'S ETERNAL FLOWER"
d. January 27, 2004 - Eternal Portrait (Library of Congress ISBN 0-7950-5227-2) "WHAT IF"


*1997 - Anthology of Inspirational Literature P.A.W. 1st Edition "THANK YOU, LORD"



Published Dramatic Productions(c)


a. "He Still Giveth his Love"  (drama/musical)                      m. "We cannot see God" - (Puppet) presentation)
b. " It. Aint A Long Way Home"                                              n. "No Greater Love”
c. "Heaven's Highway"                                                           o. "Who will fill Our Shoes" - adaptation
d. "Please Change Me. God"                                                 p. and many other skits/plays/lyrics/ poetic tributes
e. "The Word Speaks"                                                             
f. The Birth of Jesus"                                                            
g. "Take the shackles off my Feet"                                                       
h. "You Should have been There"
I. "Oh, What a Night"...
j. "Reflection on Gospel: Black History"
k. "Do You Really Know who Jesus Is?"
l. "No Room in the Inn"- (puppet presentation)


Rene'e writes from personal  experiences and thoughful viewpoints:

Review at: http://www.amazon.com/Personal-Sentiments-lifes-journey-1/dp/1503234703 

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