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Wrong is wrong......Right is right

After I had watched the current event of this past week...politics, shootings,...rallies and coverages. My mind searched for a time when the witnessing of a this culture-type mentality was not reproduced so vividly.

The culture-type I am meditating over is " right or wrong, if you on my team I will support you" mentality.

I grew up hearing the words, " you call a spade a spade!" or 'if it quack like a duck, it's a duck", etc. As a child and as i grew into an teen following this rule of thought rendered me in a lot of trouble with adults and my peers because I would conduct myself or separate myself or speak out according to these views. STAY WITH ME...I'M GOING SOMEWHERE!

So as a young adult, I wavered in those views and got into a lot of avoidable trouble because I "followed and condoned by support" THE TEAM! RIGHT or WRONG! ‪#‎MOSTLYWRONG

As an Adult, and committed Believer in the complete Word of God, I decided to follow God's wisdom and apply knowledge learned. In that tone, my life has been verily mostly up(by grace) with a lot of downs simply because I call a "spade a spade"! Yes, it is a lonely place...but peaceful! Jesus too, took this stance even with his Disciples(TEAM)‪.


This is not about judging it's about doing/being better and praying BY FAITH it WILL catch on! We wonder why the youth don't trust us! My grandkids know and will tell you - 'if you wrong nana will call you out. Love you BUT WRONG IS WRONG!"


BACK TO POINT! politician, ministry leaders, sororities, corporate heads, police, etc. pledge to back and publicly support people in their wrong EVEN if it leads to the destruction of the entity they pledged to protect. Some Republicans relate to the American People that,even tho it is believed RUMP will destroy AMERICA even as we now know it - WE WILL DO EVERYTHING TO SUPPORT HIM - "ONLY" BECAUSE HE IS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. #?????????

These views are not new AND are TOXIC- and I am continuing to be sadden at this mentality!

We as Leaders must decide to break this stronghold in our families, community, organizations and beyond. Trust and have faith in a God-given foundation! Only then will you SEE CHANGE!


#‎berealstoplyingitainteasy ‪#‎STOPSUPPORTINGWRONG

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