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Going to see a dog about a cat

Traumatized adults = traumatized children. I read an article that had me shaking my head in disbelief. It went something like this: The state is considering putting mothers in jail, who are receiving food or monetary assistance from the State in jail, if they are not employed or attending school within six(6) months after receiving assistance. This method is justified as, “being a deterrent to prolong State assistance dependency”! My first mental questions were: What is going to happen to the children while the parents/ mothers are in jail? Will they go to foster care, other family members, juvenile facilities? How will it affect their mental/emotional state, educational benchmarks, and or social skills? Forgetting the past = trouble in the future. It was noted, World War II there were many children who were separated from their mothers. It was documented that these children became depressed and afterward went through several stages of grief. First, the children cried frantically for their mothers. Secondly, they became very distraught. And eventually, became despondent and silent until becoming very reclusive. The chase. This severe reaction to losing their mothers is known as anaclitic depression. (impairment of development) Experiencing great difficulties as children, they may be more likely to have low self-esteem, feel powerless, and become dependent on others in order to feel good about themselves. another theory has to do with the developing brain of a young child. Early experiences may affect the development of the brain. If a child experiences great emotional distress, this could affect his or her ability to adapt to new environments and regulate emotions. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] Can we continue to ignore how trauma effects our children? Why are we going to see a dog about a cat? Seek truth and get true results!

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