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Only through Faith...

Only through Faith in God

Being a parent or grandparent ain't easy...but faith in God will strengthen you so you can strengthen others! #‎berealstoplyingitainteasy

I looked into the face of my granddaughter, witnessing her experience a pain of reckoning about life, as tears flowed down her cheeks. The hurt she was feeling comes from disappointments in learning what true friendships is...and isn't! To a teenager, these experiences are all they live for......"friends"!

I won't go into details, however I felt her pain and wanted to shield her by saying it didn't matter, but instead I comforted her as i knew had to be done.... with TRUTH. "Life is hard, it ain't easy. There will be tough times, it will work itself out because God promised He would do it for you...time and time again!"

She looked at me, with new found wisdom in her eyes. I knew she understood a lesson that will make her stronger as the days’ pass.

Be Real! Stop Lying! It Ain't Easy!

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