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Rene'e L. Ellis

Author, Podcast Host, Poet, Minister,

Inspirational Coach & Speaker

Rene'e is a qualified motivational  speaker and ordained preacher who give impactful engagements based upon many life experiences, which include domestic violence, and low self-esteem.  Ministry experience and wedding officiant services span over 30-years. She has over come many obstacles throughout her life that qualifies and authenticate the poetic expressions, inspirational books and workshops she conducts which empower, engage and help you move forward in your personal journey.  


Poetically, she  speaks volumes and add a voice to your silent thoughts!


She is a professional with a Master's Degree in Education, Ordained Elder, & spiritual  consultant who uses her insights and experiences to offer motivational guidance to all , encouraging you to actions/reactions, in a positive direction and face to the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

When you schedule your workshop or speaking/preaching engagement with Rene'e, you will receive a detailed and highly empowering message that covers the various aspects of  life/theme, most applicable.



Real Anointed Needed Talk

Ranting it up... on subjects that matter to you. No excuses allowed.!

Real Unapologetic Talk. Answers to questions you just THINK about!

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Let’s talk about it!    RLERantforlife@reneelellis-author.com

Current podcast topic for March is ,
"Do You Have Time For This?"
R.A.N.T. - Real Anointed Needed Talk Podcast

R.A.N.T. - Real Anointed Needed Talk Podcast

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